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About Us

About Us

I-NET provides epub, XML/HTML conversion SEC Edgarization (ASCII, HTML, XML, word/Excel/PPT and XBRL), the financial reports for filing with the SEC, Financial Composition, LPO, Litigation, Health care coding, Medical Form processing,as well typesets books, journals and financial documents in a variety of formats. Whether it is Academic or Books, Journal, Legal, STM or EDGARization of financial reports for filing with the SEC, I-NET provides programmatic and web-based solutions to its customers.

Being an integrated unit, I-NET´ offshore production facility is not only well-schooled, Publishers University Press in typesetting and EDGARizing financial documents, but also has years of experience in typesetting non-financial products.

Why I-NET?

I-NET´ success is due in many ways to our focus on being easy to work with. We regularly handle jobs for our customers ranging from small, medium one-time conversions to large complex ongoing projects. Our management team carefully tailors the solution to meet the specific requirements of each project. The team always looks for the most quality, cost-effective method to accomplish the client's ultimate goals. Rather than focus on developing fancy macros, tools, software that delight programmers, our team concentrates on the data and avoids using a ´´sledge hammer to drive a carpet tack.´´ Many of our customers rave on our ability to communicate clearly. Whether your project is simply facilitating larger organizational goals or is at the core of your enterprise, our team will be able to understand your requirements and provide you with all your needs. In turn, we will be able to communicate clearly with you regardless of your level of technical expertise.

At I-NET, quality is everyone’s responsibility. Our belief is to see the job done right the first time and on time, each time; for us, being good is not enough. We strive to achieve world-class quality with quick turn around and performance in all areas.

History In 2007, I-NET began with SEC EDGAR conversion and a daily electronic feed of the Law Farm Federal Register in a variety of proprietary formats. Starting from this initial data conversion project, the company grew to provide the full spectrum of conversion services including manual data entry (keyboarding), ebooks, scanning, elearning, OCR and software and programmatic solutions. Over the past two years I-NET has successfully completed projects in the government, legal, accounting, financial services, banking, academic (traditional and electronic) publishing and public company markets.


To become not only a strong producer, but a leader in the data conversion, website, graphic designing and publishing industry. To provide impeccable quality and cost-effective service, with QTA in an energized performance-based culture. To be willing to take risks to drive new initiatives and ideas to support our clients´ goals.


Operational continuity and data security/systems with offsite backup facility is provided through a comprehensive operation, back-up and emergency management plan. This plan covers all aspects of our staff, facilities, hardware, software and data. I-NET is equipped with up-to-the-moment computer and telecommunications infrastructure including T3 and fiber optic connectivity, as well as 24/7 power backup.

Guided by the expertise of 10+ years serving the publishing industry, I-NET understands publishers´ needs. Proven workflow processes and technology combined with a highly flexible and specialized workforce in India ensure that your projects will be produced in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Whether you’re looking for a partner to fulfill a specific task in the elearning, data conversion, typesetting, publishing process or to execute the entire content management process, I-NET excels in providing the publishing expertise, cost effective, service, specialized skills and workflow processes to deliver on your cost and quality expectations.